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Joe D.

Joe Davi

Joe Davi is a Founding Partner at Nona Blue, home of The Leaderboard.

Joe is in his second season with the show, bringing keen insight to any discussion of the history of the game of golf and is primarily responsible for The Leaderboard’s news segments.

Joe is an avid amateur golfer who has played in numerous PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions events. Paired with Fuzzy Zoeller at the Father Son Challenge several years back, Joe found a way to earn a scolding from Fuzzy when he showed up late for his tee time with no shoes on. If you ask him nicely, he’ll tell you the story.

Joe and his wife Candace have two beautiful children, Kendall and Palmer. Yes, Palmer is named after the King. No, it wasn’t Joe’s idea. We can thank Candace for that.

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